“Imagine the unimaginable for God to do the impossible!”

We seldom think of going on a pilgrimage and we don’t think about it as a way to pray.
The idea of taking two to three weeks off to journey to the Holy Land
or the Marian shrines is totally inconceivable, if not ridiculous.
But it’s probably exactly what we need. Come and decide to waste time with God.
Take the risk. Call Catholic Travel, Inc.”
Fr. Dave Concepcion


May 8 – 9, 2023

Pilgrimage to Israel with Most Rev. Socrates Villegas, D.D.

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February 06 – 18, 2023

Israel & Jordan Pilgrimage with Rev. Fr. Dave T. Concepcion

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February 08 – 20, 2023

Jordan – Israel – Egypt Pilgrimage with Fr. Aidan Zaballero

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March 6 – 18, 2023

Jordan-Israel-Egypt Pilgrimage with Rev. Fr. Randy Marquez, OSJ

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April 13 -28, 2023

Marian Pilgrimage with Rev. Fr. Randy Marquez, OSJ

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April 16 – 28, 2023

Jordan-Israel-Egypt Pilgrimage with Rev. Fr. Renato Roque C. Villanueva

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May 18 – June 01, 2023

Marian Pilgrimage with the Most Rev. Broderick Pabillo D.D.

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September 17 – 24, 2023

Pilgrimage to Israel with Rev. Fr. Ceasar Lenenio “Nox” Garcia

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September 15 – 26, 2023

Jordan-Israel-Egypt with Rev. Fr. Richard Tan” Garcia

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October 9-29, 2023

Marian Pilgrimage with Rev. Fr. Gerardo Yabyabin, OSJ and Rev. Fr. Amado Emmanuel Bolilia, OAR

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September 18-30, 2023

An Experience of Eastern Europe

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“During the trip, I felt not as tourist but as a pilgrim renewing my faith & seeing God’s wonders in all the sights. The trip was made more special with the rosary and mass everyday with Fr. Dave Concepcion as chaplain. His powerful & spiritually enriching sermons always complemented the significance of the place.”….

Energize my faith

Witnessing the canonization of JPII and John XXIII, the visits to the different churches, basilicas and crypts of saints energised my faith. The camaraderie that sprouted among the pilgrims was simply awesome. It delights the heart to meet new lifetime friends. The pilgrimage inspires me in my ministry. Forever, I will treasure the experience, the memories, and the people I met. They are all engraved in my heart.